Truth Bomb. You'll pay for what you value.

Invest in what you value.

How much do they cost?

Do extensions damage your hair?

I'm in a very good mood this morning.

Because I'm doing my favorite thing!

Blonde and beautiful!!!

She requested a lived in look with some brightness around her face and I think I nailed it.

When someome tells me money can't but happiness!

Tips for keeping your blonde bright!

Stop over toning.

Use purple/tinted or clarifying shampoo only as needed.

Use a filtered shower head to remove impurities in your water.

I just have 2 questions

Why are you like this and why you gotta be so.....

Come along with me

as we transform this amazing guest of mine.

5 eXTENSION "oops"

Going to bed with wet hair.

Using to much purple shampoo.

Not brushing enough.

Using drug store products.

Using excessive heat.

Keeping Lacey in at the hair show in Ohio.

We had a ton of fun!

It’s not just about extensions, it’s about so much more. 

From the quality of hair and the method behind the stylist to having the skills and knowledge to guide you to do what’s best for your hair. Hours and hours of training, hours of building my skills and dedication to becoming an expert are just a few of the things that help me create the best results. I don’t want to be the cheapest option. I’m not the cheapest option. I provide luxury, high end extensions to those who seek my services.