Hi! Welcome to my website! If you’re in the market for extensions and searching for the right extension artist in the Tulsa area,  look no further.
As a highly educated stylist, Natural Beaded Rows Specialist and Microlines Crown artist, my goal is to provide each guest with the hair of their dreams while maintaining the integrity of their natural hair.
To learn more about extensions, feel free to take a look around my website and click the link below to fill out my application and schedule a personalized consultation. 

Yes! I'm interested.

What is NBR?

The  method of hair extensions that I use is Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions (aka NBR). I use hand-tied wefts of hair to create length and volume. They are installed by applying a track using beads and string which helps to evenly distribute the weight of the extension hair across the scalp. 


I’ve always been labeled a “Tomboy”. Wore my hair in a messy bun (not cute) or pony tail. I have never been confident, especially when it came to my hair. Now with my extensions I have the confidence I’ve never had, wear my hair down more than I have my whole life. My hair is the easiest part of my daily routine. Maintenance and actually fixing my hair is something I was worried about because I’m very active as a personal trainer, working out 5 times a week, softball every other weekend and chasing kids. NBR/Extensions have changed my life.

I have spent a lifetime with hair so thin you could see through it. I tried everything to make it thicker: drinking more water, prenatal vitamins, collagen, prescription shampoos. Nothing seemed to work. While getting my hair done one day, Samantha talked to me about NBR hair extensions. I went out on a limb and tried them and absolutely love them. Hair extensions helped me achieve that extra volume I've always dreamed of. They are lightweight, comfortable and easy to manage. With my hair extensions, I’ve always been able to maintain my confidence level and I consistently achieve any look I desire. I would highly recommend extensions to anyone who wants fuller, longer, and thicker hair!

My hair feels so healthy and is so easy to maintain! I’ve always been an “everyday washer” because I have oily hair.. but now I only FULLY wash my hair once a week (with your recommended 1/2 washes midweek 😉) and my hair has actually grown with the extensions in my hair!!! To say that I LOVE my hair would be an understatement.

My girl didn’t just give me gorgeous long locks, she also made me a model.😆💖 If you’re looking into hand-tied hair extensions, I’m telling you that you NEED to book your appointment with Samantha Mathews at Salon lace. in Claremore !! She’s incredible!💕✨

Part one of my self care and decompressing ❤️ Sam I always leave feeling 10x better than when I walk in! Thanks for being you ❤️

I really should do a better job recognizing all of the amazing people I have in my life. “Sam with the good hair” (Samantha Mathews) had a heated blanket waiting on me for my hair appointment then made extra of her lunch and brought it to me 🥹🥹 Then I get to the gym to coach 4:30 and have “feel better quick” goodies left for me. I don’t deserve these awesome people but I sure am thankful for them ❤️

Samantha is amazing!! She uses the best products and has high standards. She takes the best care of me and my hair. She makes me feel like a queen! I highly recommend spending the money for extensions. So worth it! Life changing!

Samantha does a great job with my hair. She takes a lot of time to work with me on my hair cut and color and on getting to know me and what I like! Highly recommend!


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