About Me

 I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I am a wife, mother and summer lover! I live on Ft. Gibson lake and I enjoy boating, fishing and anything on the water. My passion for hair began in when I was a little girl. growing up watching my mom who owned her own salon sparked my creativity. She advised me not to go to cosmetology school but life led me straight there. I graduated from cosmetology school in 2010 and my own adventure began. I have taken hundreds of hours of training and education, owned my own salon for 10 years and traveled all over the United States to learn more about my craft. I decided to pursue extensions in 2020. I traveled to California and became certified in NBR extensions. I have since transformed the lives of dozens of women by giving them comfortable, natural looking extensions that enhance their hair and confidence.

My mission as a hairstylist is to create a relationship and atmosphere where my guests can feel completely comfortable and relaxed. I hope they feel at home in my chair and know that it's my pleasure to serve them for exactly who they are and what they desire. With my experience, extensive education, and learning spirit, I hope you build a solid relationship of trust in me and my abilities to create your desired outcome while maintaining and strengthening the health of your natural hair. 

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